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Getting a commercial loan, commercial mortgage or a residential mortgage today is not only a question of rates on the mortgage, but also a question of the terms and conditions related to the loans. The loans and equity release schemes programs offered by banks are increasingly complex and vast. A knowledge driven market allows us 'to offer commercial loans and residential mortgages to fit specific needs of borrowers.

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Commercial Loans are for companies and investors wishing to buy or refinance commercial properties that generate income. 

We offer services to commercial mortgage loans market in the UK, with a variety of commercial loans products.

Thanks to interest rates and a competitive national network of loans and mortgage specialists, we are ready to find solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers 

How can we help your funding requirements? 

We are able to offer competitive commercial loans, residential mortgage and buy to let mortgage services throughout the UK with products for a variety of purposes.


Financing available to meet the needs of each borrower. Flexible interest rates (fixed or variable) and repayment terms that match the cash flows of each borrower. 

Commercial mortgage loans can be used as collateral for other loans (like a line of bank credit) to fill a temporary financial need. 

Commercial mortgage loans offer the owner the opportunity to leverage the equity in property without having to dispose of that asset. 


The mortgage is recorded as a long-term debt on the balance sheet of the company, which may affect the presentation of financial information. 

What should I know? 

To qualify, property must be a multipurpose building, industrial or commercial, an office building or retail, or residential building multi-unit 

The property must be located in a market resale and rental assets where there are rental shops for comparable properties and where the property is readily marketable



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